Multiple Categories for Topics

@daybreaker - Is it possible to configure the Forum to allow for multiple Categories on a Topic? Sort of like how you can put multiple Labels on e-mails in Gmail?

For example, say I start a topic about the differences between attractions in DLR and MK. I would want that Topic to appear in both 'Walt Disney World - Attractions' and 'Disneyland - Attractions and Fastpass'. That way people who monitor both areas would easily see it and respond, yet it would actually be 1 Topic that would contain posts made from both Categories.

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Would you get a badge for first cross post?? Hahahahahaha.

Someone had asked this question to the forum developers a while back, and they decided against allowing cross-categorization. A bunch of people gave good use cases for when it would be useful, but they seemed like they wanted to stick with a definite category hierarchy.

Oh, well, if it ever comes up again count me as a strong supporter. Given the nature of the TP Forum, there is a lot of potential for cross-categorization.