Multi-Hotel bus stops

We are staying at PORS and were thinking after our day at AK we would head back to enjoy the pool at POFQ and have dinner at their food court. Wondering if Disney transportation is ok with riding the bus from POFQ back to PORS? I figured since that is the bus path it might be an option after a long day of walking with young kids. Thoughts/experiences?

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I didn’t realize you could swim at other Hotel pools?! If so, that’s really helpful information!

POR and POFQ are one of the few places that pool-hopping is allowed.

@smichlig you may not end up getting a bus between the two resorts, since they don’t always share. I would instead recommend taking the boat! Different view and very relaxing :smile:


POR and POFQ are considered the same “resort” in this regard. It’s an exception to the usual rules. For example, POP and AoA are also very close to each other, but pool hopping is verboten.

So, if I am staying at CR and want to go to POP’s pool, I can. But if I am staying at AoA, but want to go to POP, I can’t? I don’t understand that…

Sorry if I was unclear. Despite the fact that those two pools (Pop and AoA) are closer to each other than the pools at POR & POFQ, if you are staying at Pop, you can only use the pool at Pop. If you are staying at AoA, you can only use the pool at AoA. Does that make more sense?

If you are a DVC member staying at BLT, you can use the pool at a variety of other places, but that’s due to your DVC member status, not the resort your staying at. DVC membership adds a whole new variable (with which I am unfamiliar) to the pool hopping situation.

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I think I’m being dense, so I apologize. As a regular guest, not DVC, am I allowed to visit other pools or not?

You are not. And no need to apologize, we all have our moments and I probably could’ve been clearer. I’m on coffee #3 and still half-asleep. :sleeping:

Sorry to be contrary, and maybe it was a special circumstance, but the desk CM at All Star Sports told us specifically that we should check out the pools at the other All Star places. Maybe it’s because they are all really connected? Or because it was off season? Who knows?

LOL… I won’t be dipping my toes at the Poly next trip, I guess! :slight_smile:

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Much like POR and POFQ are the same resort for the purposes of pool-hopping, I think the All Stars are seen the same way. I can’t say that with certainty, as I’ve never visited any of them, but it makes sense. I think. Who knows?

Pool hopping is complicated you guys! :stuck_out_tongue:

You are probably right about that. I’m going this time in October, and am looking forward to trying all of the All-Star pools for the different themeing. Just at Sports, the Surf’s Up pool is waaayyyy than the baseball one.

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I agree with @mALYficent take the boat back to por. Buses are not always shared.

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I always stay in the Mansion and walk back. It is such a lovely walk.

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You could take the bus if they’re sharing but it would be faster to walk along the Sassagoula River path. It’s beautiful.

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