Mugs oh my!

Can we refill our mugs at any resort or only our resort? Staying at POP if it matters. Thinking it might be nice to have “free” hydration while on the move during a monorail crawl.

Any resort.




I’m resort hopping. Do I need to purchase a new mug at my second resort?

Nope! Refillable Resort Mugs may be filled at ANY participating Resort beverage station, even if you aren’t staying there (or staying at two or more different Resorts during your trip, commonly referred to as a “split stay”). This benefit it good for the Length of Stay of your entire trip — regardless of Resort/Resorts — up to 14 days.


:star_struck: wow. I never knew that.

It’s a detail that does fly under most folks’ radar


Did it change? I recall at one time - and maybe that was when resort mugs had the resort name on them? - that it was only your resort.

In the hazy parts of my memory it seems we bought the mugs for a few trips - cuz good deal - and then quit cuz the deal suddenly wasn’t good any more.

Any resort sounds like a good deal. :+1:

Thanks @OBNurseNH!

A little Powerade between stops seems like a good idea!