Much hate for Disney World and the 50th

Spotted this thread on Twitter.

Wow. Every single post trashes WDW and the 50th. Even our very own @PrincipalTinker joins in.

Makes me kinda glad I decided against a September trip in favour of visiting DLP during its 30th, which gets a number of positive mentions in the thread.


I was shocked they did not shut off comments right away. Someone messed up.


In unrelated news, Disney’s share price nearly dropped below $100 this week.


10th anniversary:

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Wow. But I thought everyone liked G+?


Sarcasm font?


At the time I kind of felt bad for the CM because all of the planning for the 50th really did happen during COVID and project based work was super disrupted. So no matter what, it was going to be scaled down. And there was going to be some disappointment.

But from what I could tell, they have failed to celebrate the park itself (exvept the i on lights) They thought they were giving the parks a “gift” of new shows etc. But those new shows celebrated Disney Corp not WDW. I am a parks lover first and everything else is a distant 2nd.

My DH was talking to a coworker (both like Disney but are not in the same league as me) who was there in October. The coworker told him he was kind of disappointed because the only celebration seemd to be merch. As DH was telling me the story, DD said, “yeah because merch guy is running things, he doesn’t love the parks.”


I’ll be positive, albeit damning Disney with faint praise.

Things they’ve done well:

  1. The lights on SSE are awesome.
  2. Harmonious is awesome (though does it count as a 50th thing?)
  3. The gold statues are kinda fun and may be more fun if Disney gets its act together and releases the new magic bands. So far the statues have been impotent for eight months.
  4. I enjoyed the special dinner at CG.

Er, that’s it.

Things they didn’t do well.

  1. Enchanted. It’s trash.


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That was entertaining! Thanks for the link. Was there like 1% positive feedback? Someone wanna go make a chart counting negative and positive comments @Jeff_AZ ?


I agree with this list, but would add that I’m a huge fan of the Earidescent color and light scheme on all of the park icons and wherever else it’s used. Enchanted was fine, but not great, so would have been better to stick with HEA. (Although maybe using the New Coke theory, Enchanted will help people appreciate HEA more when it comes back. LOL)

I don’t really care for the special food and dessert items or merch, but that’s just me. In general, I find that food that looks fancy is usually crap. This goes for almost every wedding cake I’ve ever had (except for mine, which was a tuxedo cake made by my best friend and contained real buttercream frosting. I know what I’m doing, people.)


Hate it.



(body complete)

It counts because they meant it to be a 50th “gift” to the parks.

Its a stretch, but I’ll give a win to the comms people.

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This describes pretty much every special event dessert at WDW ever.


I love it too!


I think they are pretty.


I really want these. Hope they have them in July.


Got to disagree on the statue thing…here now and to be honest that’s the plan for this trip (accidentally solo trip) …find all the statues kinda photo scavenger hunt while my kids are stuck at work.

Magic kingdom was great had a really fun time trying to find orange bird and tinker bell.

But Epcot that was pretty disappointing- they are in 1 spot - and you barely even enter the park to see them.

So I am one of those that loves the park distractions - what others refer to as “Magic” those tiny touches that make Disney different from sixFlags. Epcot feels all round like they aren’t even trying anymore.

This evening is Animal Kingdom statues so here’s to hoping…


We were at Typhoon Lagoon, but I’m sure they are everywhere.

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