MSEP Viewing Before EMH

I am trying to get an ADR for the Tony’s MSEP Lunch/Viewing Package. My original plan was to watch MSEP from Frontierland and then head out for more rides during EMH (and skipping Wishes that night). That seems like an easier spot due to crowds on Main St but we watched MSEP from the front of the park last year and really liked seeing the floats come around the circle. If I’m able to get this viewing package ADR, is there an easy way to go upstream past all the crowds on Main St to get back into the park? I don’t have a plan of attack for EMH - we’ll probably just ride whatever we feel like riding at the time.

Sometimes they open the gate to the right of the flag pole (by Tony’s) that will bring you to TomorrowLand

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I have read about viewing the Fantasy parade from Tonys. Have you ever done this? I have a 2:30 ADR and plan on asking for an outside table. Is there a chance the view can be completely blocked? If it doesn’t work out, we have one other day to see it if needed. We missed the parade last year so really want to see it this time - I’m all about knocking out two things at once if I can!

I just saw that the patio area is being advertised as part of the Adventures by Disney wdw package for the parade viewing so although it is a great spot it may be difficult at times.