Mr. Potato Head pieces

Just wondering what Mr. Potato Head pieces the toy store at DTD currently has (how often do they change them out? add new?) - hoping to stock up on some more when we visit in September.

We have an overly impressive and underused collection of these @mskipoff. I many times purchased the all you can stuff potato full of accessories. IMO they don’t change very often. We haven’t sigted threw all the bins in about 6mos, but every time we wander around Once Upon A Toy DD stops and shows me several that we already own. I can tell you what we have in our head piece collection thus far, Are you looking for something particular, or just new to add to yours?

Nothing in particular - just looking to add to ours. It’s been a couple of years since we have been down there. We have the Buzz Lightyear parts as well as some pirate and Christmas parts - and of course the typical WDW pieces like autograph book & pen, Mickey hat etc. We will be down there in September when Halloween party starts so hoping we can add some Halloweeny items to our stash.

Can I ask, since you both have bought the Mr. Potato Head pieces, is it worth purchasing a Mr. Potato Head at home (they have them at Walmart for $5), or should we just purchase a potato separately (not in the box) at Once Upon a Toy? I can’t seem to find how much they are separately. It has been 5 years since we were last at Disney and I don’t remember seeing this before. We have 3 girls and this is one thing that they asked if we could purchase. Thanks in advance!

Buy a Potato Head at Walmart. I don’t remember WDW selling them separately
Except for special ones, like Star Wars, that cost a lot more. You will be able to fit many more extra pieces in your box without the Potato Body!
If you do decide to get one at WDW, don’t forget to stuff piece inside the body before you put it in the box. You can fit a lot more in that way.

Sorry to disappoint, but in June I saw Buzz potato, tourist potato and Pirate potato in the bins. Apparently, they haven’t put new pieces in. Good luck though, my guess is Halloween is the best season to put out new potato pieces!