Moving to Orlando

Hi all, I know it is mildly off topic but I hoped I might be able to get some advice from those of you that live close to WDW. I have recently been granted permission to work remotely full time as my wife has been offered a position in Orlando. At this time we are only on a 1 year contract but we are hoping for that to be extended before that 12 months is up making this a possibly permanent move.

We want to rent a property for the first year obviously so I hoped you may have some advice on what areas offer good value for money and are nice areas to live? We do not have any children so school districts are not an issue but I do travel a lot so I want to be in an area where my wife feels safe walking the dog on an evening etc.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated and if you are a realtor etc…please feel free to give me a shout!


I’m tagging @pod4christ. He has a great realtor. I’m not sure if she deals with rental properties, but it’s worth asking. Good luck!

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Thanks @scrapper1617 thats really helpful and @pod4christ if you can assist in any way I would be really grateful

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Hi! Sorry for the delay. I don’t check the forum too often. We love Davenport. But any town (except maybe Celebration) is going to have good & bad areas. We are off of Route 27 just south of I-4. We have friends that live in different communities on 27 extending north to 192. They all love it here & very reasonably priced. My Realtor doesn’t deal with rentals but I have another friend that might. Jon & Deb Penney are great people and own the company. You can see if they deal with rentals. Tell them Ray Soluri recommended you. Hope that helps. If you have a question about a particular subdivision I might be able to help. But there are so many that I may not be familiar with it.

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I saw my friend Jon Penney and yes, they do rentals. He said his agent Joyce Langston is the rental specialist.

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Thank you do much for the effort. In the time between my post and your response we have found a place that we are happy with and just signed the contract on Friday. Really appreciate you trying to help though, means a lot. Will have to buy you a beer sometime (soon to be) neighbor!! All the best, J

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I am now going to be looking for a cheap used car to put us on while we get settled…so if you know of anyone selling get in touch!! lol

Awesome! Welcome to the neighborhood! I’ll keep an eye out for a car :slight_smile: