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I was wondering if anyone has tried recently to move a hotel reservation with Disney due to continuing travel restrictions? I moved my summer 2020 trip to summer 2021. At the time POFQ was closed so they gave me rooms at Caribbean for the same price. I called yesterday and they won’t give me the same price protected rate if I move the reservation to December regardless of the fact that it looks unlikely that I will be able to travel outside Canada this summer. They said they only offer price protect when the resort is closed and they have to move you. Has anyone encountered the same? Any advice on finding a decent rate for December?

I am hoping some TAs will see your post and offer some suggestions.

Did the person tell you what base line cost they are using, your original booking? I think someone was able to save the moved cost a few months back?

While you wait for some expert help here, I would suggest you call again and ask how much it would be to move the reservation and what the options are due to your travel ban. Since so many of the phone center people are not well trained you might get a completely different answer.


The cast member I spoke with said that he could see the price protection but that they only gave me the the price I paid for POFQ at the Caribbean because the POFQ was closed. His comment was that Caribbean is open and I am moving my dates so it won’t apply and that I need to pay the difference- which is over $1000 USD per room.

I explained the border closure, the quarantines and the fact that our vaccination rates are so far behind the US that international travel restrictions from Canada are unlikely to happen before the Fall.

I know how busy Disney gets around Christmas and already availability looks scarce, I just don’t want to lose the chance to go.

Call again and talk to someone else. Those answers sometimes change depending on who you talk to, and if not ask to talk to a supervisor.

Unfortunately I think the information you received is probably pretty accurate. All of the safeguards that were put in place to protect the consumer have resolved as of earlier this month if I remember correctly. And the usual booking and cancellation policies are in place. It would be pretty unlikely for you to be receiving the price protection under normal circumstances anyway. If you truly can’t get here because the border remains closed you may have a better leg to stand on. But that is still a fairly long time away especially in Disney’s eyes. I know that it must be frustrating to have to wait to get resolution on this but that might be what you need to do. Or simply cancel and get a full refund and then rebook once it is clear that you can travel.

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I’m not a TA. But as a fellow Canadian, I’ve had to do the same thing twice in the last 14 months. I did manage to move my booking from AKL to Riviera without a price increase in early Nov. But it was when the resort was closed. My advice to you, so that you don’t lose out on your booking in Dec, is to book a 2nd vacation, and cancel one, or both of them when you get closer to your travel dates. This will protect you against missing out on a booking in December. You can’t get around paying the higher rate in December, unfortunately. It is a very popular time to go to the resort.
Good luck!!


You were right. I called again this morning and talked to a really pleasant cast member. The price protected rate I had from the initial rescheduling couldn’t be extended. The same room is costing $1500 more Cdn.

At least we have dates for December. Fingers crossed that the borders reopen.


Yeah, I think this is the main issue. In the first instance they would have offered a benefit because it was actually their company’s choice to have the resort closed and they accept full responsibility for that. Unfortunately they can’t accept the responsibility for outside forces preventing you from getting there when they’re open, so you’ll have to eat the higher cost. :persevere: It sucks, though, and I really hope the circumstances improve enough that the border opens before December!

Looks like you got your answer already and happy that you reserved new dates! My original vacation was booked at WL in May 2020, and I initially bumped to October 2020 when WDW closed. When WL was not reopening with the rest of the resorts I was able to get a room at Copper Creek price protected. But I bumped that trip too (to next week!!) and had to pay for Copper Creek at normal price without price protection. At least it sounds like Disney is being consistent!