Moving FP to a different person?

I have a trip scheduled for F&W with a friend - staying on site, driving there, adults only, my kids aren’t going. My kids and I are passholders - friend is not. It it possible for me to make FP+ reservations on our passholder accounts and then have FP+ transferred when we buy the friends ticket? I don’t want to buy tickets this early b/c there is a good chance that adult life will make us cancel the trip and I don’t want to be holding a tickets we can’t use.

OR, has anyone had success with dropping and picking up FP’s, so could I hold the FP’s in my kids name and drop and swap when we have tickets linked?

I don’t want to lose the advantage of booking FPs 60 days out (onsite stay), but I don’t want to commit $$ to a ticket yet and we likely won’t renew APs after this year due to cost, so I can’t just “transfer” the amount if trip doesn’t happen.

Any input is appreciated!!

I think you have to phone in now to get FPs moved from one person to another.

It used to be that one version of the app (android maybe) still allowed it, but I think it got removed.

The easiest thing to do would be just give your friend your magic band to let her ride, assuming you’ll be with her in the park.

Edit: shoot, just re-read your post. That won’t work if your kids won’t be there. I would book and then phone in and ask them to transfer the FPs to your friend.

But I’m sure you can use an unused ticket towards the cost of an AP renewal.

I am not sure how much energy and time you want to put into this @wildboysmom but change party is still functional.


Thank you!!! Good info and I’m just nerdy enough to try the app emulator! It’s so nice planning trips as an AP … I’m going to miss it, but think it’s finally pricing us out.

Good luck, hope it works.

There’s no way I’d try that, quite sue I’d muck it up big time. :joy: But good to know the option is there for others. Thanks @AuntB_luvsDisney for the info.


Ha! Me too. But no harm in providing the information. Just don’t ask me questions :rofl:

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