Moving between WL, FW and CR

As part of my monorail tour, I would like to visit WL and FW. This used to be a thing you could do by boat, but that’s yet another thing Disney has cut.

Is there any easy way to move between the monorail resorts, WL and FW?

I don’t believe so. You have to go to MK, and then get the boat to WL or FW.

There used to be a walking path from WL to FW, but I was at WL last year and couldn’t find it (well, I think I did find it but it was overgrown and blocked by a locked gate).

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There’s a bus between WL and FW. Also between WL and MK, which is sometimes quicker than the boat depending on timing.


Walk from Contemporary to the boat launches at MK and take the boat over to WL. (Or, reverse that, depending on which you are doing first.)

Um. You have me meet you at the contemporary and take you to WL.


Seriously, sometimes I don’t know why I bother!


You said you were dying.

Obviously I lied.

I cannot die until I go to all the Disney parks anyway.