Moving around Magic Kingdom during a parade

Just wondering how difficult it would be to navigate from Fantasy land to the front of Main Street during the afternoon parade. We have a 12:50 Dining reservation at BOG and had plans to watch parade as close to the exit as possible and head back for an afternoon break right after, before kids meltdown. I have 60 minutes set aside for lunch (maybe we won’t need that long) but any tips or suggestions on best way to get navigate back to front of park at that time?

I did this a couple years ago and didn’t have too much trouble. The cast members were pretty good about enforcing an open sidewalk along Main Street. I think we came from Tomorrowland to the hub and followed the east side of Main Street all the way back to where we found a nice spot to watch the parade from the porch of the theater. Don’t get me wrong, it was a tight squeeze in some places, but we made it through with 2 strollers.

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The key is to make sure you are on the CORRECT side of the street. If you don’t make it across before it starts, you are either stuck, or have to make a long loop around.

This happened to us one year. We were there with my parents, and we were on one side of the parade near Haunted Mansion, and my parents were on the other side. We couldn’t get to each other until after the parade had passed, which was rather annoying. Had we been just about 2 minutes faster, we could have crossed before the parade started. Doh!


You’ll be totally fine. Once your lunch is over, if you want to avoid any and all parade crowds at the start, head toward tomorrowland (come out of BOG and just go left and follow the road). Once you reach tomorrowland come back over to mainstreet and just continue to stay on your left (which you’ll probably have to anyway) You’ll be able to get all the way down to the Tony’s and be able to watch the parade from there(which is right at the gates).

They put down masking tape on the ground for crowds to stay in front of so people can easily navigate behind those waiting for the parade. If the crowds are still insane, cut through the stores after Starbucks/Bakery.

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Thank you all so much for the tips!