Movies and nighttime fireworks (sort of) at the resorts

Does anyone know which resorts are showing Happily Ever After outside at the resorts projected on the movie screens? I saw something about this a few weeks ago, but there hasn’t been discussion about it. I’m wondering if all resorts do it, only some resorts, etc. And if so, when does it take place? I would presume it is the same place they do normal outdoor movies?

And speaking of which…during our stay at the Boardwalk, I was hoping we could know ahead of time which movies might be playing. Does Disney publish this information somewhere? I found a site that showed movies in November…but what about December?

Usually that info is at the front desk for each week, have you looked on the resort link under recreation?

For movie schedules, please check with the Front Desk at your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel, or call
(407) 939-2273. Movies and entertainment are subject to cancellation or change without notice.

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The fireworks question remains…but the movie question is we wondered if there was any possibility they might show A Muppet Christmas Carol while we are there.

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I watched HEA on the TV in my resort room (channel 74) but Pop didn’t show it on the big screen. They had the movie schedule posted on a board near the pool. Not sure about other resorts.