Ok so I paid for a mousewatchers account to try and get that coveted Space 220 lunch on 4/26 for 2. It has come thru twice and both times I missed it. I have my phone set to ring crazy loud when I get a text so I am literally clicking on the button the second it comes in. But when I go to reserve I have to log in- which slows it down and then I get the dreaded ‘paws’ screen. What am I doing wrong?? How can I get this? I am starting to think this is impossible….

The trouble is you won’t be the only person looking for that exact ADR and being just as quick to jump on it.

I don’t use the link. It takes up too much time. I run either to my phone (which usually is logged in on the MDE app) or my computer and use my keeper app to log me in quick.

Also note that they will send the alerts at all times of day and night. For example, 11 alerts at 2:30 am.


Everything they both said.

I have never gotten a reservation by clicking the actual text link, but I got quite a few by going through the browser on my phone.

My biggest problem is that I’m super paranoid so I have to log in to MDE each time.

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With ADR finders, I had several times where I would use the app, the supposed timeslot would already be gone, but after flipping times for several minutes and the timeslot popped back open.

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Yep…the ADR finders (paid or not) only alert you AND everyone else who has a search set up with them - and there are multiple ADR finders out there. They do not actually hold a reservation - so it is whoever gets it first, either from notifications or by randomly searching at just the right time themselves.