Mousesavers vs the ticket calculator

I have subscribed to the Mousesavers newsletter, but the ticket calculator here seems to have better deals. Is that accurate? So many places say that mousesavers is the price to beat, and it seems like it’s easily beaten by the resellers over here. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing anything (and yes, I see the mousesavers logo as I browse tickets on UT.)

Yes, every time I have checked it the TP ticket calculator has been correct. Historically the UT tickets via the MouseSavers link were almost always the best deal, but lately they are often beaten by UTC (one of the resellers TP checks).

Purchased last week from UT. Checked the ticket calculator first and it advised me to use the Mousesavers discount on UT for the best price. I am a Mousesavers subscriber. I purchased 2 Adult and 2 child, 5 day Magic Your Way (no parkhopper option) tickets.

I am looking at 6 day tickets, 2 adults and 2 kids - non park hopper, on Mousesavers the total is 1297, through the calculator here OfficialTicket Center has them for 1286.

If we were to do Parkhopper, Mousesavers is 1549 and the calculator has them for 1510 through Parksavers. (WIth two kids under 10, I would rather spend an extra day than try to park hop, I think.)

Is it the 6 day thing that makes them a less-good deal through Mousesavers? Or do the reseller prices have fluctuating prices?

The resellers have variable prices, depending on their inventory and the bulk deals they were able to get.

well i got them at AAA and it was cheaper then all those place only a few buck but still cheaper

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I looked at AAA and it was the same price as on the Disney site in our club. That’s very odd.

I’m not a AAA member anymore as the cost was beginning to outweigh the benefit for me, so I’m pretty sure the ticket calculator worked out best for me.

If you have a Sam’s Club Plus membership, you essentially get 6% off Disney Gift Cards. We just bought an 8 day hopper from Disney, and it was only $1.00 and change more than the lowest price that came up on the ticket calculator using Disney Gift Cards deposited into a DVA. We did this to buy our AP this year as well- and are paying for our room with these discounted gift cards. Takes time to enter them, but 6% off an AP room rate at AKL CL, an AP, and an 8 day hopper is a decent chunk of change. If you go through a shopping portal and buy WalMart gift cards and use them at Sams you can save even more, which for us that is more effort than it is worth- but your mileage may vary.

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Hi snappity! I see from this post that you might have used parksavers for your tickets. I’m thinking about using them soon. Just wondering if you used them and if everything worked out alright?

Thanks so much!

I actually ended up buying through Undercover Tourist because they had a promotion going with AmEx - 7 day non PH, were 1338, and I think it was a $50 credit from AmEx for using that card and that reseller.

Thanks anyway! Glad you got a good deal!! I’ll have to check Amex!

@kimorbe post back if you decide to use parksaver. They are showing as the best deal for me right now too, but it makes me a little nervous as I don’t know much about them. But it was recommended on the TP ticket calculator. I don’t like that their website says very little to nothing about the process, I had to dig deep to figure out they email you the tickets and you link them in MDE.

Anyway, if you go with them LMK. I love that you can get a 7 day PH for the same price as a 5 day right now.

Trying to decide whether or not to take that leap of faith…but Ill let you know!!

YouAreAllWeirdos, Just linked my tickets from to MDE. Everything appears to be in order!! The process was pretty easy. Once I ordered, I received a confirmation email in 24 hours stating I had secured tickets and could exchange my vouchers at any WDW gate. Three days later I received another email with confirmation numbers that I linked to my account. It looks like we are all set! Before I took the plunge I found a thread on and a brief article in the touring plans archives. I felt much better about handing over my cc info at that point!

Hope this helps with your decision making process! We ended up with 8 day passes…6 and 2 for free! So excited!

Today, Park Savers has the best deal for us. Any experience with them? Any trouble linking to MDE?

I have never used Park Savers, so no info here. Hopefully someone else will chime in.

Lots of positive reports on park savers but they do not mail a ticket. There are reports that they expire (end of 2017?). They didn’t work for me for these reasons but they work for a lot of people.

We bought tickets in February (8 days) for our upcoming trip. I had no problem linking them to MDE…so if I can figure it out, anyone can!! Just a few weeks ago I sent an email to them asking about adding on another day…and I got a response within an hour…and then another quick response to a subsequent question. So far they have been great! Hope this helps!

Hey Hi-Ho… do you mind telling me how you linked your Park Savers tickets into your MDE account/magic bands? I just purchased mine online today and had them emailed to me. It says in a few days I’ll receive my FastPass+ number… is that all I need to link them? They didn’t come with great instructions on how to link them. :confused:

Thanks in advance!