Mouseowners problems

Hello Liners-
Does anyone have any info on the current situation with MO blocking IPs? I know the admin was blocking people trying to weed out spammers and such. I live in Europe so I think that got me automatically blocked. I’ve emailed the admin begging to be unblocked, but have had to reply. Just wondering if anyone here knows anything. I’ve used that site numerous times to rent points and find their forums to also be useful. Now, even going through a VPN I can’t even get in. Thanks for any help or information.

I know some people reported that they could access through their phones or work computers. Does that work for you?

I am tagging @Nicky_S, to see if she have read anything.

Sorry, haven’t really heard anything more.

I know the original problem was a massive number of Russian scam registrations. They took fairly drastic action and several members were caught up in it.

Thanks for the information. I’ll just be over here hoping to somehow be let back in. Its really a shame.