Mousematt’s fun poll

Where do you start at MK?

  • Main Street (for more than just a thoroughfare)
  • Tomorrowland
  • Fantasyland
  • Liberty Square
  • Frontierland
  • Adventureland

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Where do you start at EP?

  • IG then France
  • IG then UK
  • World Celebration (SSE)
  • World Discovery (GOTG etc)
  • World Nature (Soarin’ etc)
  • World Showcase (Mexico)
  • World Showcase (Canada)

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Where do you start at HS?

  • Hollywood Boulevard (shopping)
  • Sunset Boulevard (TOT etc)
  • MMRR
  • TSL
  • SWGE

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Where do you start at AK?

  • Tree of Life
  • Pandora
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Dinoland USA

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If we have 2 park days it really depends. Especially MK. - start 2 day at TL and work to the castle. 2nd day start FFl or AL. Same with Epcot. Split the park in half of 2 days.

Literally every time we have gone, we have started at a different spot in each park. It depends on the circumstances, what time we get there and the whole skip the line and early entry entry situation.


We park hop. We take an early afternoon break. Evenings we go to a different park - usually Epcot, often because of ADRs. I don’t know how to tour any differently.

Example: first MK morning, especially with newbies - Adventureland, Frontierland, Liberty Square. Second MK visit- Fantasyland and Tomorrowland.

Epcot - somewhat dependent on where transport is arriving. Also dependent on ADR if any. Goal is to minimize walking. If our ADR is near IG, it’s worth it to arrive at HS and boat to IG rather than bus to front of Epcot.

HS - Tower of Terror is first unless we’re standby for something Star Wars. Other attractions based on wait times.

AK - Pandora, if standby. Otherwise Everest. Most other attractions would be based on wait times.


I voted where my favorite place to start would be, but my plan depends greatly on how many days I have in each park, which day it is, what I need to accomplish, etc.


MK - I always wish to start in Fantasyland, but somehow end up in Tomorrowland. I will blame this one on my kids.
AK - rope-dropping Everest proven to be successful for us. We did it on numerous occasions and rode several times before lines started to grow. LL or ILL the rest.
HS - ToT first, then RnRC. LL or ILL the rest.
EP - this is a tough one. Realliy depends on our plan. We started with Guardians and TT and it worked well.

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It all depends on my mood and the goals for the day. I think my answer for each is ‘all of the above’

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