MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


I love those cookies!!
Congrats on finishing another race!!


That is awesome - I didn’t know they met that way!

I bet you won’t forget your fuel for either of those.

That’s an amazing FP grab.


Not too bad over here on Epcot either. I expected crowds to pick up. I had FPP for FEA, got out and had a 15 minute standby at 9:40 am. Dont ever remember it being that short at that time of day.


Loving your reports. Also loving the fact that you and your enablers have brought back a suggestion of the good old days of forum shenanigans…:sunglasses:


This made me chuckle…


So, I now feel like I’ve stumbled upon a pattern that I didn’t know before. I’ve been under the understanding that you can check in for an ADR up to 30 minutes ahead of your reserved time.

Both La Hac on Wednesday and Mama Melrose tonight told me that they could not check me in until 15 minutes before my ADR time.

FF checked me in inside of 30 but outside of 15 on Tuesday. My Whispering Canyon ADR was 5 minutes after opening - so no data there.

I wonder if it’s select restaurants that are 15 mins only, or if it’s all in-park TS. Or maybe I just managed to luck into the only 2. Worth some further investigation, I guess.


[quote=“NoCapes, post:162, topic:53578”]
That is awesome - I didn’t know they met that way!

Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers… It was a made for TV animated series quite a number of years ago.


Last post of the evening - I’m on the bus back to FQ now.

My Fitbit tells me that I did somewhereover 35k steps today, which means that if I can walk in the time frame, I can finish the half tomorrow, as it equates that to nearly 18 miles.

Mama Melrose was pretty “meh” to me. Portions were plenty, and the Tuscan red wine was wonderful; the options were definitely not what I was looking for, and there were more cheese sauces and fewer red sauces than I was hoping for. My failure to plan that one better, I guess. Still, I can check the box of having eaten there and won’t be going out of my way to go back. Which is not to say I would turn down an invitation from a friend to join them there.

Spent most of my day after lunch with a friend I met in the corral waiting for the 5k to start, which left me with fewer pictures and checkins than when I’m solo. Shocking, I know.

Bed soon and 13.1 in the morning. Good night, everyone.


Good luck tomorrow! Will be cheering from afar. :tada::tada:


Good luck on the half tomorrow.


Cheering from afar for you tomorrow morning! Can’t wait to hear how it goes!


Good luck tomorrow! Run fast run happy!!


It’s amazingly early, and I’m on the bus already.

Today is the day when I Bound as Ariel - I’ll try to remember to get you a shot of my costume/running gear after I get off the bus.

Today is perhaps the best it gets for the combination of standing around waiting and running temps: it’s 57 degrees this morning, and should stay below 60 until after I finish this.

No particular race strategy today besides careful- so here goes.

After the race today, it’s going to be an easy day that’s all about self-care. Some walking, but mostly lazing in and near my hot tub. No parks today!


Good luck! I’m glad you’re not planning to do the parks today, you need to take care of that knee for tomorrow!


Good luck and have fun.


And the start is upon us! It’s definitely a long wait to get here, but corral A is now off and running!


Good luck this morning! I hope to see your bound!
I’ll be thinking of you running while I’m at work. :mermaid:


Have a great race!


Well, the half is officially in the books for me. Ran about 2:30, which is not a great time for me, based upon my historical times, but doesn’t bother me, either. Especially after the training season I’ve had.

One nice thing about being at FQ: because the hot tub is separately fenced from the feature pool, they’re able to have it open ahead of pool hours. So this mermaid is now happily soaking in warm and agitated water.

I’ll get breakfast at some point (or maybe skip right to lunch?? IDK), and get moving again later. Right now I just want to sit and soak.


Congrats! One to go! (The hot tub piece sounds like the only part I’d be any good at!)