MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


I love Mama Melrose!

Good luck with the FPPs drop!


Have fun today at DHS!

I hope you remember your race nutrition next time.


Dressing before you go is a good plan. :slight_smile:


Well, I pulled it out and dumped it on the bed that I’m using as a layout-table, so I should have no more trouble with that!

Remembering to eat between corral arrival and gun time is another question entirely. :purple_heart::blush:


So, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is in rare form today!

Usually when I ride, all of the black lights are on the whole time, which means you can see and anticipate things a lot.

Today, the “just in time” sensors were at 100% - meaning that they were only on when we were approaching a signboard, and just for long enough for the train to pass. It was FANTASTIC!


Oh, and, once again thanks to @OBNurseNH ‘s excellent tutorial, I was able to move my ToT up to 11:10 after tapping for ASS. Which means I should be able to try for SDD at the 12:01 drop.



Please can we never change the abbreviation for this


You tapped that ASS?






It is officially quiet in HS. Didn’t need to mobile order at Backlot express… waited for one person in front of me and food came in <2 minutes.



Looks like you have a tank on today? Your wish has been granted???


Not quite - it’s a cold-shoulder shirt.

Still, it’s far more comfortable out here than yesterday!


Aw dang.

Oh well!


Ok, that’s weird.

I’m sitting at BLE munching on my lunch, when I get a notification from MDE:

“Good news! There’s still availability for lunch today at Hollywood Brown Derby!”

Has anyone else seen anything like that???


Thats kind of cool! I’ve never seen that before but it’s a great way for them to get the word out about availability!


I heard about it on chat recently but just that one report.


And, I’ve just snagged a 1:40 for Slinky.


Now who’s the goddess? :wink:


Point taken.

Though I would never have succeeded if I hadn’t learned the basics from you.