MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


Ever hear of the Be Our Guest Podcast? There is a group of runners associated with that podcast and we call ourselves Lizards. :slight_smile:


Now I have to do THAT, too!


I am glad that you enjoyed your meal at LaHacienda. I do enjoy my food there!


Ok, here’s my rundown. After I arrived at AK (totally didn’t rope drop, it was all about self care when I got back from the race), I hit Dinosaur, got pics with Dino chip and dale, rode EE, and went to Satu’li for lunch. Shared a table with what seemed like a mom and son, and helped them find the a chance to get SDD fastpasses, as it seemed to be their last day today. Caught an impromptu drumming show in Pandora and rode FoP with the fast pass I scored this morning. Went to FotLK, and have just arrived at Findingg Nemo, the musical.

After this, it’s time to medicate and then perhaps I’ll hop to another park? Not much else I want to accomplish here today.

oh, and chip had to tell me how much he loved my rainbow ears.


Hey now!




I love what you are celebrating!


Hey now what? I didn’t say you’re NOT a favorite…




Great pic!!


After hitting MK, using FPS for Mermaid, Jungle Cruise, and grabbing dinner at Pecos Bill’s, @Welsh_Dragon and @missoverexcited will be glad to know that I’ve called it an early evening and am safely home at FQ.

I contemplated popping into the hot tub for the last 30 mins it’s open, but realized that it would ultimately interfere with my ability to sleep any time soon. That plus the 50 degrees outside made me decide against it.

I’ll probably lay about for a little bit, after setting out running gear for morning, and then turn in early. Normally I go to bed at 9 before these races, but I’m more tired than usual. So early to bed for me tonight. Morning will be here soon, and with it, the 10k.


Congrats on today’s run and good luck tomorrow!


I am loving following you! Sleep well!


I am up and moving for day… what number is it??

Today is the 10k, and I’ll be hopping on a race bus shortly. Weather is much like yesterday, so, great for running, not so much for standing around. I hope tomorrow is what’s predicted; I would like to go to the starting line with less stuff on.

After that, there will be time for some self care and then I have FPS for RnRC, ASS, and ToT. Hoping to snag a SDD during the daily drops.

Also have an ADR for mama melrose tonight. Depending on how long I want to stay in HS, I may or may not decide to bump that one.

Anyway… gotta run!


Good luck!


We are with you.


Have a great race!!


Yesterday I was able to grab a SDD FP at the 2:31 drop for 2 of us. He on just as the time changes, they are not there for long.


I did the same yesterday at the 11:01 drop for FoP… so I know the drill! :blush:


So, I’m relaxing a bit after my 10k run.

The good news: finished. In the 1:17 range, so not amazing and not terrible. The long stop to meet chip and dale dressed as Indy and Magnum did contribute to that time, but it was mostly just that I’m running slowly this week.

The bad news: I did a complete and total stupid on my race nutrition plan. Took with my clif bar for prerace; forgot to eat it until I was 200 yards in. Still ate it, but it never really settled. Forgot entirely to take with my midrace fuel (I fuel about every 3-4 miles, so once during a 10k). Realized that I’d forgotten it about the time I was passing Stormalong Bay - and wished I’d had it.

I guess it’s better to do a stupid on the 10k than the half or full, right?

Also, my knee did start to make its presence known in the 4 mile range. Not enough to prevent running, nor to concern me (yet) but certainly not a completely clean run by any stretch.

I guess I should probably look for a good running doc when I get home, huh?

Meantime, I’m headed for the smallest park today, and am going to try to minimize walking.

Speaking of which, I should get dressed and go. There’s a carrot-cake cookie with my name on it that I’ll be eating for breakfast…