MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


Sounds like perfect running temps! Hope it was fun!


Not bad for running… cold for waiting around in. And I think there was a continuing dip as we inched towards start time.


Last year it was 27 at the start of the 10K. :wink: THAT was cold!


What? No times? How can we possibly know if you’re any good* at all if all you report is that you completed the race? I mean, did you do it in 20 minutes? 30? 40?

(*) Because obviously your time matters most, not that you’re planning to run more than 40 miles when all said and done.


My husband would totally rock this shirt!


Are you a Lizard???

I saw this posted on the BOGP Lizard page yesterday by someone who also bought it for their kiddo!


I remember. And yes, it was.

Though I also remember not having to wait for a bus after - because it was there waiting for me.

I also remember a few years ago when it was 37 degrees and winds gusting to 35-40 mph the morning of the 5k (2015, perhaps?).

This was not as bad, obviously.

Though I also don’t believe in the idea that things can’t be bad just because someone else has/had it worse. :wink::purple_heart:


Oh my goodness I didn’t mean to suggest that!


My Map My Run says just shy of 36 minutes.

I’ll worry about official times when I wrap this thing up for good.


No, I wasn’t suggesting you were.

But it’s a mentality that creeps in to soooo many interactions; I try to consciously avoid it whenever I can.


Good enough :slight_smile:

Phew - I was afraid I offended one of my favorites!

(Shhhh… don’t tell the others about being a favorite)


Very good. That’s acceptable. :wink:


Aaaand, I think I’ve officially leveled up in the liner world.

Successfully changed out my NRJ FP for FoP in the 11:01 drop. And the time was available because I’d already pushed my EE forward thanks to @OBNurseNH and her exhortation to modify, modify, modify.:orange_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::heart:


So, Everest Haiti’s totally a thing for me already. Don’t care.


Oh! I LOVE your pin!


I didn’t know you were doing the Dopey challenge! I am amazed at anyone who does any races so this seems absolutely unimaginable to me! Love the picture (and the button) and it sounds like you’re having a great time! Good luck over the next few days! We’ll be cheering you on!


I am in HS today. I was supposed to run today but could not due to an injury. Good luck with the challenge. One good thing I ran into Len Testa on SDD. What a genuinely nice person he is.


What an AWESOME pin!! Looking fabulous!! :heart:


Totally just lucked into a super fun drumming show in Pandora!


Not a Lizard and thus curious what that is!