MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


are you going to use RunDisney transport for the 5K and 10K? I’m dithering given all the road craziness.


I will be with you in spirit. Hope even my spirit can keep up😉. Good luck young lady. X


Both. Definitely both.


I will be using race transportation for all of the events. Traffic is too crazy, all around, to consider Lyft for race day.

Also, I get race brain badly enough that it would not be pleasant trying to get back to my resort after the half or full.


:tada: That’s great!


totally agree on half and full days (you are ahead of me — i end up with no brain, not even a race brain left :smirk:) , was dithering on the other two where the crowds are less. but i’m going to trust RunDisney and go with the buses - thanks!


Let’s see… I’ve done M:S, HEA, TT, JIIWF, Soarin, LwtL, SSE, and now Impressions de France.

Potentially and unpopular opinion: I think Impressions de France is a better film than Soarin.


What’s the app called?


There’s also a Disneyland version.


Another thing I’m adding to my list. We are staying there. Do you think it’s kid friendly? For a kid who’s fairly used to museums and the such?

Also, do you mind sharing your Insta handle so we can follow there?


I absolutely think it’s kid friendly, especially if your kid does museums well. As far as I can tell, it’s 9am 4 days a week - ask when you check in.

My insta handle is mermaid.glitters.


I will have to give it a try next time! I am not a fan of the new Soarin film. Too much animation and shots of landmarks we’ve seen a hundred times. I love the movie in China, though, because it gives you a view of some incredible sights I have otherwise never seen before. (I long for Soarin over California to return.)


Just got done with dinner and IllumNations at La Hac.

Dinner was very tasty - while I had the shrimp tacos, it’s not your standard tacos/enchiladas/burritos place, and the table next to me seemed quite delighted with all of their selections.

As a place to watch IllumiNations, it’s fine but not amazing.

Being indoors was a plus for me - I’m in short sleeves and it was cooling off a lot this evening. Unless you’re directly next to a window, though, you do risk some minor sight-line blockages, both to sides and for some of the highest shells. Add to that the fact that, for me, the sound of the show necessarily includes the explosions of the shells, and you find a spot where I think I’m coming back for one more hurrah at the show. Since I know it’ll be gone by next January.

My Fitbit tells me I did nearly 27k steps today, for 12.4 miles, and I still need to get from the bus stop back to my room. My right leg, while a bit sore, is managing. Which bodes well for at least the first 2 days of the challenge!

Tomorrow starts the early days - going to be on the race buses NLT 4AM. Will post the daily schedule from the race bus.


I can guarantee that there will be no distortion to the Eiffel Tower during Impressions de France! :wink::grin:


What are you still doing at the park when you have to be up and ready to run in a few hours?


Watching IllumiNations? Having dinner? Have to do those some time!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good morning, from a cozy warm seat on my runDisney race bus this morning. It’s a nice warm 48 degrees!

Today’s schedule begins with race 1: the 5K. Race starts in about 90 minutes.

After that, it’s a day at Animal Kingdom, with FPs planned for Dinosaur and EE, plus an NRJ that I’m hoping to turn into a FOP later this morning.

@Dreamer, I promise no late ADRs to keep me out late tonight.


Hope it goes well!


i’m on the bus, dutifully and cheerfully following MouseGirl42’s advice
forgot to post yesterday the best thing i bought at the expo: a t-shirt gor DH “The Sleepy Challenge - I slept while You Ran”


5k complete! Knee felt good throughout! Now back to FQ for some coffee and a shower!