MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


Do NOT arrive later. Arrive early and get your bearings, use the porta potty and get in your corral as soon as you can to be toward the front of your little pack.


You will all be glad to know that the ketchup still travels in herds, like buffalo, here at Whispering Canyon.

My server mentioned that on Easter, they had about 70 bottles out.:rofl::rofl:


So, I learned something interesting this morning.

WL has an option available for guests to print to!

I needed to print my race waiver because the copy I brought I left in my room - and WL provides a fantastic option!


At the urging of @gabmom , I took the WL tour before heading to the expo. Hot dang, what an amazing round of story and inspiration! Did you know there’s a room over at boulder ridge dedicated to Walt and his Carolwood Pacific Railway? Not to mention the railway “history” of the boulder ridge building and the National Park-inspired details of the main lodge.

Now I feel like I need to stay there in order to really revel in the ambiance… the National Parks do really speak to me.


I did! I’ve never seen it though. Is it awesome??


It is! I put a couple pics on my insta… but they sure won’t do it justice.


Off to see! :walking_woman:t2:


I didn’t know there was a WL tour. Sounds interesting!


I learned about its existence this morning! Managed to ask the CMs about it with 10 mins until it started.


Haven’t been since they redid - may need to add to October trip


I did an last Boulder Ridge


Race expo and packet pick up complete!

My bib has my real name on it for the first time, yay!

Bought a few things from the 3rd party vendors - but didn’t see anything at “official race merch” that was worth the line at cash wrap. Maybe if I find some spare time I’ll come back later in the week and browse whatever is left.

Now, to drop things at POFQ and off to EPCOT!


Enjoy EPCOT! Thanks for taking us along.


That’s awesome!!


Is the race tomorrow?


The first one.

I’m running the Dopey Challenge: 4 days, 4 races, further each time. 48.6 total miles.

It’s my 5th time at this. Hence the title of my report. :blush:




That’s crazy!

(or is it Dopey?)


Arrived at EPCOT. M:S was a literal walk on, FP entirely unnecessary; going to check on times for some stuff before FEA, and I should eat something at some point (I’m still not super hungry, thanks to my WC breakfast. Watch my insta for pics; will recap later.


That is a lot of running, holy moly!
Thanks for sharing your trip report so far. I love reading along.