MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


And here’s the FF pics:


At one point I was thinking of ditching FF. But not now.


I. Am. All. Jealous!!!

You didn’t have this tho:


True enough.

Is it enough that I thoroughly enjoyed what I did have??? :grin:


Absolutely. I was just trying to make myself feel better :wink:

Glad you had such a great night!


Ok but I have to say — that was a pretty funny autocorrect :joy::joy::joy:


Good morning!

Day 2 plans:
Whispering Canyon breakfast
Race Expo
EPCOT Center (FPS for Mission:Space, FEA, and SSE)
Late dinner at La Hacienda, hoping to have a good sight line for IlumiNations::Reflections of Earth.

Bed right away after!


What is that?:heart_eyes:


Sounds like a good plan for today!

Have fun! I hope you get a good table for dinner!


Race week schedule was out when I went to grab my Lyft this morning.

Getting ready to check in to Whispering Canyon, but I have some time to find hidden mickeys this morning… good thing there’s an app for that.:wink:

BTW, just gonna say it. I love Lyft! Two rides in the last 12 hours, and both quick, courteous, and delightful people to talk to - and excellent drivers to boot.


Do the corrals have staggered starts or does everyone start at the same time? Asking for planning purposes. If I’m closer to the back, should I expect to start a bit later then 530? Really what I’m trying to do is estimate my finish time. Thanks, I’m looking forward to this trip report!


Yes, the corrals are wave-started. Basically the only people going off at 5:30 will be the elites… then they run each corral in 3-4 mini-waves about :90-2:00 apart… basically you can expect each full corral to be coming to the line about 8-10 mins apart.


Very interesting thank you. Changes my plans a bit if I’m going to be starting closer to 630. Does that mean I could get by with arriving later?


If you mean closer to the official start at 5:30… maybe, but I don’t think I would risk it.

If you mean after the start I would say definitely not.

There are often traffic foul-ups, and they will close the entranceway to Epcot for a bit right around starting time.

Last year on the day of the marathon, I was on a race bus at 0330, as the directions indicated. Foul ups on the road meant that we arrived in the Epcot parking lot between 5:15 and 5:20. And there’s still the matter of the 1/4 mile walk from drop off to the reunion area and the 3/4mile walk from reunion to the starting corrals.


Maple Bacon Manhattan with bing cherries. I have tried to get the same outside of the world, and have yet to find one as good as that one was.

Everything’s better in the bubble :wink:


We loved, loved, loved FF! That’s a definite new go-to for us.


definitely don’t cut it too close to the start time. there are a lot of runners and stuff to walk through.
i’m headed for the Expo (with Race Retreat comes early admission) then spending my day in AK wandering in the wild but also FPP for KS, EE, and FOP. I did Epcot yesterday afternoon, with eating around the world on a mission to carbo-load, the monorailed over to MK to see if I could see if the castle holiday lights were still on — they were! — do and succession of FPP on classics like Dumbo (thank you, liners, for how to snag successive day-ofs!) then watched HEA, since there is no way i will be up that late the rest of the week.


You’ll have to let us know how you like the app! I can’t wait to use it myself!


I’m making my Epcot run tonight to illuminations for the same reason! Though I noticed that HEA was super early last night (8pm!!!)


For the 10K last year I was in one of the further back corrals (in the future I would fudge my time a bit, as for 10K it’s just stated and I was way too close to the back and couldn’t stop for any characters because of balloon ladies). Anyway, I crossed the start line at 6:03 - which was fitting being from the 603 :slight_smile: