MouseGirl42’s week in the World: the Serially Dopey adventures


Maybe it was his first day! He didn’t seem very confident.


Why are some people incapable of holding their passport open at the correct page? Also (I am whispering) some UK numskulls can’t figure out whether to get in the EU or ‘Other nationalities’ line.


Were you being a scary Mancunian?:wink:


Mainly a confused one, my ears wouldn’t pop so I couldn’t hear properly!


Attraction #3 was a virtual walk-on!!!


I am not seeing a Master😨.


He had just let us in at the dock. He was off to the left, out of frame.


YAY!!! I am so happy that you are there! Have a great day!

Can’t wait to follow along!


Happy to see you’ve arrived. Hope it’s a great trip!


Alright! I found some lunch, and a couple things while at Disney Springs.

I was also able to partially remedy the one major forgetful blunder I made while packing - I forgot to bring race nutrition! Thankfully, Fit2Run had my usual mid-race fuel, and I’ll look for my preface usual when I head to the expo tomorrow.

Meantime, I still haven’t gotten my room ready text… so instead I’ll claim my carry-on, change into my bikini, and spend some time at the pool or in the hot tub.

Either way, it’s still Flying Fish for dinner!


Off to a good start. I loved taking the boat from FQ to DS…


Glad you can find the race nutrition.

I love Flying Fish! We plan to eat there when we go again. It was my hubby’s favorite so far.

Have fun at the pool!




Finally got into my room about 4:30 - there was a certain comedy of errors that happened. Dropped my things off and went back to the pool and hot tub for a while.

I have a tradition where, both on my night of arrival and my night before marathon, since I’m not in the parks that day, I make a point to dress it up just a point or so.

After the hot tub, I got cleaned up, put on a dress, and headed for the bust stop. With a bit over an hour, I figured I had time to work with, and I always have Lyft as an option.

Bus to MK came within <1 min of my arrival at the bus stop; from the MK depot I’ll catch a bus over to Boardwalk. Flying Fish here I come! :blush:


Oh, and, as an addendum: after arriving at MK, I was able to walk around to the buses for the combined EPCOT area deludes - and Yacht/Beach had a bus there, nearly ready to depart.

I can walk across the lake. Or around it. Or whatever.

Combined wait time for this attraction: < 3 minutes! And I’ll be arriving at a near perfect time to check in for my ADR.


Flying Fish was fantastic.

Pics to follow.

I realize they’ve changed the menu; I don’t care. They’re still fantastic.

They earn every bit of their signature designation.

I haven’t been to V&As, so can’t compare the two; this is definitely the best restaurant I eat at, and I continue to be glad I come back.

The swordfish is gender yet robust; the wine pairing was perfect; the bread is delicious (be sure to catch it warm at the top of your meal!), and the dessert was amazing.

I would absolutely recommend it to anyone considering eating here.


Excited to follow along with you! So glad we have an ADR for Flying Fish. We haven’t been in quite a few trips, so I’m looking forward to it even more now!


I suppose you probably mean tender :wink:

I loved it when I had it — gosh darn it that was almost a year ago tonight! Hell I think it WAS a year ago tonight!

ETA nope it was 1/5


Yes. Yes I do.

And now we can see what happens in my autocorrect… :rofl::rofl::rofl: