Mountain Climber Certificate

For those that may be interested. I just got this delivered to my room at BW. If you get FP for Splash, Big Thunder, and Space Mtn. All in the same day this is what you get.


Gah! Someone else here got that before!

But thousands of us have not!

No rhyme. No reason.

But stoked for you!!!


I know!! It seems so random.

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Nice! Just curious, did you get the certificate the same day you rode them?

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It was delivered to my room the next day. From what I understand, only the Boardwalk does it.


The last person to post was at Boardwalk too so I think you’re right. I guess I’m never getting one then!

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The fact that they had a FP for each makes sense, because it means their rides are then tracked. Otherwise, how would they know if you rode all three or not?

I mean, in theory, Space will auto-add your onride photos via your MB2, and so it’s tracking you that way - in the same way that IASW picks up your MB to say goodbye to you. So there are other possibilities, given the Active RFID tech in use.

I’ve never had MagicBands, so I’ve never experienced this. Is this similar to at Universal, how the E.T. ride will say good-bye to you?

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At IASW, it’s on screens, as “postcards” in the last little room before unload, but it’s the same idea.

They dont need the FP reservations to track you. But in this case they are what is triggering the certificate.

Similar things happen at HM (on exit) and Star Tours (before the ride). Trying to think of anywhere else …

RnRC in the queue.

Ah, never done that. And never likely to, unless someone drugs me first. :rofl:

It’s brilliant!

How cool!! Staying at BWI in 3 weeks. Have FPP for Splash and BTMRR. Planning to RD Space. Now furiously re-examining TP to see if we could fit in a 4th FP for Space. Even briefly contemplated dropping 7DMT FPP because we have DAH that night and can ride then. But that would be madness. :crazy_face:


torn between envy and admiration!