Mother/son trip report days 1 and 2

I arrived yesterday with DS11 for our mother/son trip. We were blessed with good travel weather and arrived without delays.

We are staying at POP. This is my first time at a value resort. I requested a 60s lake view room and got my request. Great location and quiet.

The room is comfortable and plenty big for just two, especially since I'm traveling with my son rather than my mirror hogging daughter. I would call the decor simple but my last stay was in a POR Royal room. That is a hard act to follow.

I love the resort. It is so colorful and fun.

I had some difficulty getting the water I shipped from Staples. When we arrived around 7:30 pm they said the package had arrived but was locked up and there was no one available to get it for me. I was told they'd deliver it later. Came back from the park and still no water. Called and was told they couldn't get it that night but they'd deliver it in the morning around 7. 7:30 came and still nothing. I walked down again and after finding my tracking number, finally got my water. That was a little frustrating. I had wanted to chill it for the day although I have since discovered that the mini fridge isn't very cold any way. Oh well. Putting water bottles on ice for tomorrow.

Went to MK last night. Activated annual pass for DS. Halloween decorations are up. I was happy. I've never seen them before. DS thinks it's too soon for Halloween decorations since Halloween isn't until October.

Corndog nuggets for dinner. One order for us both would have been plenty. Now I know.

Rode Tomorrowland Speedway, Barnstormer, Mine Train and BTMR. It was a beautiful night and not crowded.

This morning we were off to AK where Ben met the Yeti for the first time. He loved EE. We rode it 4 times in a row. Off to Primeval Whirl which was just as rough as I remember but not as fast as either of us remembered. Once was enough for us.

Ben has an affection for sheep. We're not sure why but it's who he is. So it was off to planet watch and the petting zoo. CMs were great. They gave him so much information and then gave him a button with a picture of one of their sheep.

Three more trips on EE and we were on our way to HS.

HS is not his favorite park. We had a few things planned but he changed his mind and we ended up only having lunch and riding TSMM. HS was empty compared to what I experienced a month ago. TSMM posted wait time was 30 minutes. I've never seen that! I would have loved to stay and take advantage of the low crowds but I'm doing this trip for him.

His choice for the afternoon was the arcade. I would have preferred the pool. I later learned he saw the depth of part of the pool and was worried it was too deep. He is a very fearful child. I wish he'd told me what he was worried about.

The arcade didn't end well . When looking at one of those games that entice you to try and win an Ipod, he got too close to the glass and chipped his tooth. He was very upset. Ironically, when we were here a few years ago DH fell while trying to dart out of the way of a lizard and chipped his teeth. I'm going to start adding dental bills to my trip budgets.

After that drama we took a break in the room. I took a cat nap and he watched the old Mickey cartoons. I remember him watching those as a small child so it had a good nostalgic feeling about it. Listening to the rain fall was rather peaceful.

As he requested, we were off to Chef Mickeys for dinner. The salads were good but the main dishes were about what I remembered which is not very good. He enjoyed his dinner though.

We took a cab back to POP. We were pressed for time and it was still raining. The movie tonight at the resort is Wreck it Ralph. This is currently his favorite movie. I think he can relate to Ralph as kind of a misunderstood character. I'm not sure why, but it was important for him to see it here. I so wish it could have been outside but the weather didn't cooperate so we are inside.

Off to bed soon. MK tomorrow and liner meet tomorrow night. I'm excited!


Thanks for the report! I spent all last year doing mommy/ds4 trips... I will never forget it! We always split corn dog nugs and fries with fake cheese! Yum yum! Enjoy the rest of your trip!!!

Fun report (though sorry about the tooth). I've always dreamed of doing a separate trip with each kid but it's just not in the cards. I do get a lot of alone time with DS on our family trips because DH and DD don't have the stamina that we do. Have fun at MK!

Sorry about the chipped tooth. Otherwise, it sounds like a fabulous trip so far. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to hearing more.