Most popular ride?

So our family is gearing up for a visit to WDW this fall.
My son asked me what is the most popular ride at Magic Kingdom.

Does anyone know? He want the ride that has the most riders, not the ride with the longest wait times.


In the TP attractions listings they give a “Wait per 100 people ahead” - for example if you go to the BTMR page Big Thunder Mountain Railroad | Magic Kingdom its wait is listed as 2.5 minutes. I think that this would give a good idea of how many people go on an attraction, and the one with the lowest wait time per 100 would be the most popular.

That’s an interesting question. The busiest rides would be easier but that has a lot to do with rider capacity and loading times. For example Peter Pan is always busy even during EMH hours, but has low capacity so is unlikely to have the most riders. Maybe you could take a poll of liners one absolute favorite in the park and use that as a guide for which he might like the most.

I believe its Pirates, read somewhere that it had a pass through rate of about 85-90% of the people in the park. It is also one of the if not the highest capacity attractions in the park at 3200+/hour with 2 docks operating.

I’d also guess either Pirates or Haunted Mansion, because they consistently attract crowds and move the most people through in a short time. Spaceship Earth may be up there, too, since it’s always running and nearly everyone in Epcot rides it.

Mansions OHRC (Operational Hourly Ride Capacity) is about 2400.

Over the years I have read a number of Liner “polls” regarding favorite rides, and it always seems to come down to a split between the 3 mountains, with PoC and HM right near the top as well. For me, it’s Splash.

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