Hi, my husband and I are visiting WDW and staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort for 5 days this May. We are so looking forward to it! : )

I am wondering about mosquitos and other biting insects while there. I’m bringing insect repellent and plan to use it, just wanting to hear about personal experiences of others.

I’m curious too. I rarely get bit, but apparently my husband is a mosquito buffet.

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A couple of years ago I would say there are never mosquitos. My last couple of trips I have been bit. Last April the boat captain going from MK to Poly was pointing out the research boats. At that time the mosquitos were so bad that people could not sit on the decks of the Poly bungalows. I would be prepared but hopefully they figured out what was going on.

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It’s Florida. There are bound to be bugs.

That said, we have always brought with, but never used, BugBand. They are repellant bracelets you can wear for up to 72 hrs (even swimming or showering) of protection. My daughter takes them to sleep away camp here in NH and they work fantastically for her - much better than any spray repellant we’ve ever found.

But again, we’ve never needed to use them

The one place I did find there were a lot of flying insects was at the pool at AKL on the side nearest the Flamingo Pool. Go figure :wink: But they weren’t the biting sort.

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Thanks for the replies. Good info. I seem to be a “bug magnet” too, LOL, so I’ll use repellent and have a great vacation!

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