Mosquitos on Property

We are traveling to USO next week and staying at Hardrock… can anyone who has been recently let me know how the mosquito situation is? I have heard that the parks do spray and try to keep insects at a minimum. Do I need to bring bug spray with me or can I purchase any on site? Thanks-

We stayed at nearby Portofino Bay a couple weeks ago. So near Hard Rock, but admittedly not Hard Rock. We are a family of four, and my DD7 is one of those people who bugs love. She walks outside for five minutes in the summer and somehow comes in with five mosquito bites. We were at PB for three nights, including 2 1/2 days at the parks, dinners at CityWalk, and a late afternoon pool day at PB. And temps hit the 80s most days. None of us got one bite from what we can tell, and we did not see a mosquito. That said, we used Bullfrog sunscreen/ bug repellent each day. Though we weren’t as diligent as we sometimes are in re-applying.


Thanks for the tip! I completely forgot that they offer a combo product. I will see if I can find the Bullfrog brand to take with us.

My niece is a mosquito attraction. She’s ALWAYS attacked and in the 6 days they were there, she didn’t get a single bite. Granted that was in April, but from what I understand, it’s not very often that people see mosquitoes.

I have stayed at the Hard Rock many times, most recently last month. We usually walk to the parks very early in the morning and walk back late at night. I have never seen a single mosquito.

You won’t need any insect repellant. I’ve never seen a mosquito at any Orlando theme park!