Mosquito population

Hi Everyone. Leaving in 2 days for WDW. Wondering if anyone who has been there very recently can comment on mosquitoes. I was never concerned about this in the past. We prefer not to use insect repellent, but I am worried about teen daughter and Zika. Are the mosquitoes very bad right now?

I’ve never had an issue with mosquitoes, however, if you are into using essential oils, or more natural products you can make a spray from oils. You can also go to your local sports store, or even a walmart or target, and fine the spray that is made by repel. It is lemon eucalyptus I believe. We have biting gnats from the marshes here in S. MS and I can stay outside all day in that spray.

I had an issue with very bad bites for about 4 trips in a row. In 2015 a boat captain pointed out the research boats in the lagoon that were trying to figure out what was going on.

Last trip I bought BugBands, on the recommendation of some liners. I did not get one bite! I ordered from Amazon, and already have them for Labor Day.

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Thanks everyone. Leaving tomorrow. Hope I can find one of these products locally!

We always end up with numerous bites. Doesn’t matter if we go in May or December lol.

Good luck shopping! Have a great time!!

Do you remember what company you used? Amazon appears to have a million results for bug bands ha

I ordered: bug band repellant wristbands, assorted colors:!sold by Amato industries: 7.44 a pack

I put them through my belt loop, on the stroller- not a bite!

Great tip about bug bands. Our DD is pretty allergic to mosquito bites. That would be easier than having to carry spray and applying. Are they kid safe/friendly??

None of the natural treatments or bands are deemed effective against the Zika virus.

According to Consumer Reports chart of results, the Repel Lemon Eucalyptus was the third best one. It had 30% lemon eucalyptus oil. High percentage is key. They aren’t testing effectiveness against the virus itself, only against insect bites. Two types of mosquitoes - Aedes transmit Zika and bite in the day, Culex bite at night and spread West Nile. Deer ticks spread Lyme Disease.This one worked against all three for at least 7 hours. Number one was Sawyer Picaridin Fisherman’s Formula (20% picaridin), number two was Ben’s 30% Deet. The Sawyer protected against all three for at least 8 hours. I’d say choose your chemical preference, and get a good version of it. There was no mention of the bug bands in the article.

Thanks everyone! I did see the CR article recently. I found the Repel Lemon Eucalyptus at Target today! A word of caution @mustbgoofy. I read some reviews of the bug bands on the Target website. (Not sure of the brand.) Some kids were getting burns on their skin from them. If you are going to use them, I would follow Principal Tinker’s advice and put them on a belt or stroller. Good luck! (It’s going to be 97 degrees in Epcot on Saturday :anguished:)

The bug bands are not mentioned because they are not effective. They may provide limited protection in the immediate area where the band is located but the rest of the body is unprotected. They don’t provide a “halo” of protection.

Funny, but as someone that repeatedly came home with welts from the bugs at wdw that lasted 6 weeks without bugbands- and then trying bugbands- it was enough for me. I cannot combine sunscreen with any other chemical so for me they were amazing! Of course I bought 4 different kinds and two are obviously a waste of money (you could tell those were a rip off).

It’s possible you were also not bitten the second time. I have never been bitten ar WDW. I live in mosquito country. Certain body odors attract mosquitoes and some people’s body chemistry also attract flying insects more than other. Anyone in the pregnancy considering time or are pregnant need to follow the CDC recommended repellants .

As a 55 year old- not my issue! I have not returned from WDW without the welts or bites in 10 years before the bands. As I said- I cannot combine sunscreen with repellent so for people like me the bands on our belts or bags is perfect.

I was feasted on at Chincoteague. It didn’t occur to me to pack bug spray. I now have spray with Deet.

However, many readers here are in the child bearing ages so when they read anecdotal accounts about non recommended repellant, they may take a chance. So what you and I can take a chance with, they should not risk it.

Yes, and I will admit that I just skimmed your link but is it based on research from 2010?

Just looked again and saw the 2015 update but as I said earlier I suspect some do not work at all like the two packages I have in my closet.