Morning travel to MK for RD

On a 9 am opening day, CL3, if we want to be at MK in time for a stroll down main street, a picture, and RD, what time would you be walking out of your room at the GF? I know we’ll have to go through security before monorail. We don’t have to be the first ones in the park, just want to arrive at a reasonable RD time. Would 8 a.m. be okay?

I would walk out of my room 1 hour before. 8AM. This allows 15-20 minutes to walk to monorail station, clear security, wait for a monorail and ride to MK, then 40 minutes to enter park, snap some pictures, poke around, and get the castle for the opening show. It also leaves some slack in the plan.

IF you want to position yourself near the front of the rope to get to 7DMT, then I would leave sooner.

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What about travel from POFQ to MK rope drop using bus?


We just did this (POFQ to MK) for CL1 on Sunday. Opening was at 9:00am. We ended up grabbing the bus at 8:06am. We were through security and to the hub by 8:40am and that was with taking two photopass pictures.

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That’s good news! We’re going on a predicted CL1 also.