Morning or evening in AK?

I have FPP for FOP in the evening so we could see the tree lighting and the river stuff. :slight_smile: The problem is that we are doing MK in the AM and cannot get any FPP obviously. Should I swap the order we go to parks? Is the night stuff at AK worth having no FPP at MK?

Our first full day we have a late morning at the resort (my dd’s plane is landing after midnight), followed by an afternoon at EPCOT, then the evening at AK. I am doing our FP+s at AK. The next day we will have a full day at EPCOT and use FP+s then.

Will you have another block of time at MK to leverage FP+s during your trip?

You definitely can get a lot done if get to MK at RD and plan out your morning. But I think the decision depends on how many other park days you have because you will want to have at least one day of having FPPs at MK.

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I loved Pandora at night. I think you can accomplish a lot at MK in the morning without FPs, especially if you rope drop. I would keep the night time FOP FP, I would also suggest a Safari FP at sunset.

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