Morning opening times for snack breakfasts in the parks

Hello, newbie here.

Is there anywhere which lists the opening times for snack stands or qs locations in the parks? I can’t seem to find this information on the Disney website. It looks likely that there will some morning EMH starting at 7am during our trip and I doubt we’ll want to eat before leaving for rope drop, so grabbing a pastry/ bagel/ breakfast sandwich once in the parks would be very welcome! Interested in all parks but particularly AK and MK. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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The only way ai know is to search by restaurant name. For example, I just searched for Sleepy Hollow:

You can see it opened at 9 today.

I do it the same way @PrincipalTinker suggested.

We usually have granola bars for those early mornings, but MK starbucks is always a given as they open as main st opens.

Thanks both, that’s really helpful, I think I’d confused myself by going into the menus and trying to find the info from there…

Good to know the Starbucks tip, thanks for that. Do they serve breakfast sandwiches etc which aren’t on the Disney menu then? Their site only seems to detail drinks.

Can you search times for future dates? I can only see their opening times for today rather than any dates in the future but the website does seem to be a bit glitchy so maybe it’s just an issue for me…

Thanks again for getting back to me :):grinning:

For future dates tap the calendar and select your date. It’s above the map on the right