Morning Magic vs Disney After Hours

The wife and I are still a year out, but which special ticket event would you recommend?

If they have Disney after hours for your dates I would totally do that. There are many more traction is open as well as snacks and drinks. And it is for a longer duration. Especially for a potential date night it seems like a perfect event. Whereas early morning magic will be much more flooded with families and has just a couple of attractions open for you to enjoy.

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Disney After hours for sure. We went on 1/19 and it was great. I’d definitely do it again.

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Never been to DAH but we did EMM last May. We enjoyed EMM immensely. Definitely not overrun. In fact it seemed like hardly anyone was there. We never waited in a line for any of the 3 rides. It was walk on after walk on. Breakfast was really good as well. I was surprised at the spread and quality of the food. And it was reasonable for my family of 3 at about $200 total. Factor in what we would have paid for a buffet breakfast ($20 ea.) and it turns out to be about half the cost as DAH. It also gives you an advantage over normal RD crowds for other parts of the park when it opens. Pretty much kept us ahead of the crowds all day it seemed.
Now with all that said… I’d still go with DAH. Watched a couple of blog videos and most rides are open and everything is just about walk on or minimal waits. Plus snacks and drinks included. And it’s a 3 hour deal.