Morning Magic at HS - Help!

I am finalizing my TP’s for my 60 day FP window tomorrow. I just realized that HS has EMM on the day I am planning to be there. I was planning to be in TSL in the AM. Does anyone know how much is EMM going to affect the morning crowd levels once the park opens? Please respond ASAP!

Edit: My date is 7/1/2019.

The numbers of guests that attend EMM should have little to no impact on your plans. There may be people in the SDD queue.


Thank you.

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Does it affect the start time? As in, does slinky normally start running before 9 and on EMM days toy can’t ride till 9?

Last Monday I was there for EMM. It didn’t seem like a lot of people attended. Shouldn’t affect crowd level. The hordes were let into TSL at 8:49.

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Thank you! I guess we will be in the hordes. :frowning_face: