Morning liners. Sun 27/7

Hi liners. Just 11 weeks to go and DW still doesn't. 77


Morning @steve and all other liners
And well done for keeping the secret so long

Good morning 438 still to go!

21 Good morning liners! Have a blessed Sunday!

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89 more days for us! Happy Sunday everyone!

5! just five days! now I can say I'll be in wdw on Friday!

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Good morning all. Checking in from the lake with no countdown for WDW at present. Just wanted to see how my new picture looked. smile


Good morning Steve . Hi everybody

Great picture!! Love it! My family is at the lake right now, too @Lucinderella, but unfortunately a rainy day today! Still lovely though!

Good morning everyone! I'm doing the double-digit dance this morning. 99! Actually, it's more of a grin while shuffling around at this point, but I'll add an occasional step-ball-change once my morning tea kicks in.

I can't believe you've kept this secret for so long @Steve1! Does she know that there's a trip on the horizon at all? Is it just the Disney part that's a secret or the whole thing? Will she have time to pack or are you going to secretly pack for her? Sorry for all these questions, but I just can't wrap my brain around how one surprises a spouse. I don't think my DH could possibly do it.


Good morning everyone! We are down to just 33 days. Magic Bands should arrive later this week! smile!


Good morning Liners!!! 6 days to go!! Then 67 until F&W then 165 to marathon (to burn off said F&W).

Good morning y'all. Have a blessed day.

Lucky number 13!! @Steve1 I don't think I could keep the secret so long!! Have you though about how you will inform DW??

Good Morning, Liners !! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Sunday. 92 til AoA !

Hello liners, 487 for me. My weekend is done and it's time to hit the sack, have a great day everyone especially if it includes this place... smiley

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26....154....207...383.......morning liners.....Magic Bands for 26 are MIA ...tracking says redirected on Friday no updates since....someone has a call to make tomorrow.....

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23! MB and DME papers arrived yesterday!

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@SallyEpp_cot. The whole thing is secret. Knows nothing of a trip.