Morning liners. Sat 26/7

Good morning @Steve1 & good morning liners! No countdown right now, but so glad to see Steve is keeping the tradition going here on the forums! Have a great day everyone!

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22 Emit Smith day! Good morning everyone! Good morning @MeetMeAtThePoly!!

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Good Morning, Steve & everyone! This morning I'm just happy I was able to upload a picture for my avatar--even if it does look teeny-tiny!! smile Have a great weekend!

Good morning Linahville. Headed back to NY from the Cape today. Leaving for FL tomorrow (rushed packing job ahead). Disney in ONE WEEK! Have a great weekend everyone!


Good Morning all. 139 days till CSR. Confirmed airline yesterday. We are ready to go!!!!!

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Good morning Steve and Liners! THREE days to go!!


Good morning Steve and liners. 16 for me until our first split stay. Very excited!

69 days to go, good morning everyone.

Good Morning Steve!

Jackie Robinson day for me! 👏👏👏

Going out to Sugar Creek for some new furniture today

Good morning @Steve and liners everywhere. Less than 2 weeks to our short Dcl/wdw trip.

Best avatar ever!

Good morning all! 62 days here... Getting excited to do our FPP:)

Good morning @Steve1 and to everyone else too. 100 for me! It's getting so close!

Good morning, Steve and everybody! 36 days to go for DH and I! Our first trip in 2 years, and we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary! I cannot wait!!!

24 days to gooooooooooo!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

And look at the emoticons! Very cool! 😍

74 days for us! Getting close to FPP day... Getting excited. smile

5 days to go but 2 days after house was broken in to while we slept. No drivers license, no pass port, no credit cards, they took our packed bags, every TV, laptop, iPad, kindle. I have my iPhone and a temporary debit card. They took our AP cards & TIW card - which someone correctly pointed out was my 20% discount on booze! Short notice trip & all the reservations were still processing through credit cards that were cancelled & taking more time than we have to reissue. If we can get on the plane I will hope to get to WDW & then pay my way with cash. Was given a special executive concierge person to try to help given the situation & the fact this is impacting my large purchase of 14 Harambe nights tickets (which is now sold out).

I am swinging between mad & angry and full crying sadness. Times of crisis is the only bad time to be a single parent.

Wish us luck - going to be a tough week.

And NOW I'm finally trying forum on my iPhone (all that's left) - not ideal but I would never cancel my subscription because of it. It's you I love - the app / forum is just my door to be with you all.


Oh, my gosh! that is horrible. Crossing my fingers for you and saying a prayer that it all works out. So relieved that you and your son were not harmed.

Thank you for the update @MagicMN. I hope your trip is magical and that everything is sorted by the time you get there.

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