Morning liners. Sat 26/7

Hello and good morning all. Only 78 to go. Have fun guys


I am up way to late if I am here for your good morning thread. Good for you in you shortish count. I have always looked forward to your counts and what you bring to Lines. Have a great day.

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Morning Steve--our family vacation week on the shoreline in New England has come to an end. Up next-nieces' wedding, them home to FL tomorrow. Only 7 days until we are back in WDW again 😍


Try this again. Good morning Steve and all. No countdown yet, hoping for November. Family vacation with 18 family members including GG first.

Sadly had to cancel our October trip this year. No FL countdown for us but I am looking forward to following others in this new format.

Hello peeps! 192 to old key west and 184 to portofino bay at universal. Don't know which I'm more excited about!

@paradisefalls sorry to hear you had yo cancel. Hope u get another soon

@Ellen1976 I've just booked RPR for 3 nights. Never stayed at UOR before.

Good morning. I have yet to try this forum on my computer. How much longer until your big reveal. Have a great day.

I've not stayed at UOR since 2006, but that was at RPR. I thought it was great - I think you'll love it. The only reason I went for portofino bay this time was because the rooms are a bit bigger and there's 4 of us now - was just me DS then 9 back then. Otherwise I would def have gone for RPR again.

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Good morning Steve . Hi everyone

Happy Saturday Steve and liners!! Just two more weeks we will be headed back to the world!!

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Good morning @Steve1, @captanneamerica, @joannes1959. @Debbyluvsdisney, @paradisefalls , @Ellen1976, @gabmom, @burfe1501 & @jhab_andPixieDust...happy planning everybody! Three countdowns for me - maybe two, but we shall see...

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Morning Steve... We are getting close! 83 till our second mnsshp! So excited!! Come on October, I'm over summer!!

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Good morning, all. 28 to go. Magic Bands juat shipped (seems sly to have to post this in two places just to say good morning to all Liners)

Morning @Steve1 and everyone else! Heigh Ho!!!

Good morning Liner Universe! Stayed up late to get our FPPs done! Used the TPs suggestions for each day! Got all that we wanted at the times we wanted! Will add to our TPs later today, but right now I am tired!

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Good morning! 68 to go! Can't come too soon. Have a nice Saturday everyone!

Happy Saturday, Everyone! 17 to go here!

Morning @Steve1 and fellow Liners smile New decade for me to day, only 49 more days till I'm back at POR. My other countdown is at 138 days for Solo Birthday Trip at POP.