Morning Extra Magic Hours

Do most of you who stay on property use the EMHs in the mornings? I’ve been busy with work and just realized that Sunday is my ADR day. So I need to figure out which park we will be in each day. This is the first time we are staying on property so have never been able to use EMHs. We’ve always chosen a park that didn’t have EMHs which has worked out great in the past but I’m wondering if we should try it this trip. We are fairly early risers with DS 10, DS8 & DD6. I’d love to hear what works for you!

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We usually don’t do early EMH because we coming from central time zone, and that makes getting up early even harder (plus I have a teenager :slight_smile: ). I would say go for it if you are early risers and can get there before the park opens. You should be able to get a lot done.

Will you have park hoppers? We didn’t pick any EMH days but really that was just because we based it on crowd level predictions before we even knew the final schedule for them. If you’re family would be ok getting up early enough to make RD I say go for it. That extra time with such low crowds could be great!

We have only stayed onsite and we have always taken advantage of morning EMH. But I do agree having park hoppers makes that decision easier. We have the option of leaving and going to another park if the one with EMH gets too crowded. I have been amazed at how much we get done before we start to feel the crowds build and we have gone at very busy times.

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We hit as many AM EMH’s as we can- that first hour is amazing. Actually the first few hours are great and you can get the headliners out of the way early. Like at AK, during EMH we ride EE multiple times, Dinosaur, and Primeval Whirl. They are usually walk-ons during EMH. At 9:00 RD without EMH it always feels more crowded to me- too many people are awake and ready by then. At a 7 or 8 am EMH many are still sleeping or eating pre-RD meals. Works for us. And we don’t hop later, but spend the afternoon hours watching the shows and riding rides with short lines/ the non-headliners. Never had an issue and we have been during slow and busy times.