Morning extra magic hours switched on me after making Dinner reservations

Just realized I screwed up big time! Or they switched Morning Extra Magic Hours for Magic Kingdom and Epcot. I booked dining in November and we are going in late May.

I am traveling with 4 young adults 22-26yrs old. They don’t want to do Extra Magic Hours so although it’s something I have always been committed to, I planned around them this trip, or so I thought.

I booked dinner at Be Our Guest, on a day that I just realized is a Morning Extra Magic Hours day at Magic Kingdom. We don’t have park hopper due to 6 of us on the trip.

How crazy is it to attend a Morning Extra Magic Hours park if you’re not doing the MEMH just because you have an unchangeable dinner reservation?

I guess my question is really, is Be Our Guest worth it? We will now also be going to Epcot on a MEMH day. UGH!

If you’re using BOG to get a jump on the crowd, and there are now Morning EMH for your BOG day, it is no longer going to provide the advantage it previously would have.

Did I answer your question? I had a hard time figuring out exactly what you were asking.

Sorry for the confusing post! I am an overplanner for these trips and I’m am really freaking out! Well, I have calmed down a little…

I have a dinner reservation at BOG, but I don’t have park hopper passes, so we will have to spend the day at Magic Kingdom. I just found out (I had researched a ton, not sure how I missed it) that the day I have the reservation is an EMH day, so I’m worried about the crowds that day since we won’t be going early.

Basically we will be arriving after the park is crowded due to kids in their 20’s don’t want to get up and the only reason we will go to that park is because we have a 5:25PM dinner reservation at BOG.

It still may not make sense, but I have slightly calmed down and it is what it is. Daughter loves Beauty and the Beast, we can’t give up that reservation so we will have to deal arriving at a park after park opening. Something I have NEVER done before.

Thanks for responding!! First world problems for sure!

I guess it would matter more to me what are the overall crowd levels for your dates, and unless there is a DRAMATIC (ie 3 or more crowd level points) difference between the day you have BOG and some other day during your trip, I would not let Morning EMH change my plans.

This is just me… I would tell daughter she had to make a choice… Beauty and the Beast or EMH. You’re stuck. It’s not like you planned for this to happen, but take advantage of it. It’s one day.

You could do the EMH then the majority of the rides you want, go home and rest and return for dinner and the evening. The afternoons are the worst part of the day for crowds anyway.

You could always set the Reservation Finder and look for a new ADR for the new day that you wanted. If you could do dinner at BOG on a different day then you could adjust accordingly. This could be a problem since you will soon be booking your FPPs too.