Morning Extra Magic Hours in February?

I’ve officially gotten the “must plan another trip” bug (thanks in no small part to this Forum! :grin:) and we’re thinking of going in February, 2020. For Feb. 2019, TP doesn’t think crowds will be too bad the week before Presidents’ Day, but what about morning Extra Magic Hours during this time? Or is this even a thing in February? Or is it only during that 3-day weekend? Any help with info. about going the week before Presidents’ Day vs. the week of would be greatly appreciated!

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Yes, February will include Extra Magic Hours! My family tend to be morning people so that hour benefits us.
Things to consider in February: Mardi Gras week, not sure when it is in 2020, but you will see an increase in the crowd calaendar. President’s Day weekend people tend to make a longer vacation for it and during President’s Day week the Northeast states have that week off. The end of President’s Day week leads into Princess Marathon weekend. Alot to consider!!
We went in 2016 the week before President’s Day weekend and it was Mardi Gras week and we had a fantastic time. So if you are able I would go during that week. In 2018 we went a few days before the Pincess Marathon and stayed into Flower & Garden. Since it was a longer vacation we could avoid the mornings at the parks during the marathon and we all had a fantastic time.

Wow - I didn’t realize that so much was going on in February. I think we’ll be planning on going that week before. Thanks!

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Mardi Gras is in early March in 2019. I know because we switched our trip from that week, to early February! I’m hoping the crowd levels TP is predicting are accurate.