Morning Extra Magic Hour day of Check-In


If I have a one night reservations, I believe I can use on-site perks for check-in day and check-out day. Can I go to Morning Extra Magic Hour the day of check-in before physically checking-in if I've checked-in online?



As long as everything is working with your account (no glitches) you should be able to go directly to the park.


We did that last year at AK. I did online check-in, and we had no trouble parking. When we tried to enter at RD though, our magic bands weren't yet activated. We had to go to guest services to fix it and it took about 20 minutes. Technically it's supposed to work, according to the CMs but it didn't. This year we are staying onsite the night before to avoid it.


Thanks for the responses!
It occurred to me some time last night that we can park at the resort early in the morning, check-in, then head to the park on resort transportation!
Sometimes the simplest solutions evade me!


I've only done this at DLR, but I checked into PP at 6:30 and was able to get in for the 7:00 EE.


I am in a similiar situation. I was advised that I could check-in at 6am without being assigned a room. I can check my luggage at the front desk and proceed to the parks as a resort guest.