Morning EMH at MK

We’re going to WDW during the EEMH, so MK has EMH at 7am and the park opens at 8am. If we arrive around 7:30-7:45, would we have any difficulty getting in before the offsite people who are there for 8am RD? Are there separate entrances? We’ve only used evening EMH before so not sure of the process. Thanks!

We go this week so I do not know for sure but I’ve read there are separate lines!

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The entrances are the same, but they have roped off areas (at least they did in Nov '18) where EMH guests can go through and many CM’s to guide you. When you get in the hub, just look around - you can’t miss it. You’ll have no problem getting in. We went in through Tomorrow Land - there may have been a roped off area for Adventure Land also.


Thanks! That is helpful