Morning EMH at MK these days

Can any of you knowledgeable folks tell me how morning EMH at MK works these days, with the regular crowd coming into the park before regular RD? How do the resort guests navigate around any “ropes” that are still up for non-EMH’ers. How are lines during a.m. EMH; how much can I expect to do? Will it be difficult to go across the park during EMH, such as from Space to Splash? Also, I know Splash sometimes opens later; is it usually open during EMH? Thanks in advance for any intel!

Only Tomorrowland and Fantasyland open for morning EMH so no Splash. You access them by scanning your band to prove you’re staying onsite.

That makes sense, thanks. Any idea what lines are like for a morning EMH on a CL 3 day?

My last trip was 2.5 years ago, so no sorry. People do usually say MK is the most useful one though.

I found this thread after searching EMH for MK. I’d like to know what the possibilities of getting 7DMT, PP and maybe a couple of others in before having to be at Town Square by 9:45 for a checkin for family magic tour. My TP shows a 28 minute wait for 7DMT. Usually putting a break in the plan at 8am works but I don’t think its working in my plan. I am there on a CL3 MNSSHP party day. I found on a blog that a person was able to complete 7DMT, PP, Space, Buzz, BTMRR and Splash by around 9:45.
Does anyone have a trip report they can share for utilizing rope drop and EMH at MK on a party day?

Bumping this. Wondering how crowds are generally at EMH?

Don’t think it makes much difference in the post FP+ era to be honest. Good advice used to be avoid EMH days but FP+ ensures crowds are evenly spread across attractions once you’re past the first 2 hours of opening. In fact its looking like better to do EMH because people struggle getting up and Disney are expecting the park to be busier so they staff it better. Tons of evidence to say visit on a busy day with a regular 8am open and rope drop that day. More staff = shorter waits now. Especially with earlier closings.


Does that apply (EMH = more staff = shorter waits) to other parks too or mostly to MK? I have planned to be there for EMH one morning each at MK (for a day with early close for MNSSHP), HS and AK. I read somewhere that AK absorbs the extra EMH crowds ok and that the early closure helps mitigate crowds at MK on party days, but have been thinking about moving our HS morning.

I think so but know for sure. What you can be sure of in the post MDE era is that Disney know how many resort guests will be where and when by the number of FP+ bookings, ADRs and a host of other behavioural data obtained since MDE launched. Best scenario is Disney expect it to be busy and it isn’t worst scenario is the reverse. So turning up at RD on Memorial Day (or a day with an 8am open) they expect it to be busy.

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Based on park hours right now, it doesn’t seem like Disney expects it to be busy except for the last day we’re there (end of August, our last day is Aug 29). I’m keeping my fingers crossed we don’t end up with the worst scenario.

Yep. Worried about the lack of opening hours! We’re there 1-12 August and the hours are mostly 9-9 :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:. Went in 2014 and MK was open til midnight most days and 2am a couple!

We’re there 2nd-16th! Our last trip was 2016 and the hours had already started to shorten - 11 was the latest MK opening, HS was open till 10.