Morning EMH and a Crowd rating of 2 -at MK

For September 29th there are EMH in the morning and a crowd rating of 2. There is a Halloweend Party that night. Could the 2 crowd rating be possible?
We have a choice between going that day and on the 28th which has a crowd rating of 4, but which will also allow us to see Happily Ever After. Suggestions?

Crowds are very low on party days, and tend to be a bit higher than predicted on non-party days as people want to go in a day with more hours and get their money’s worth. It depends what is more important to you - if you don’t mind missing out on HEA and having to leave the park at 7, then you will have a great time on party day with really low wait times.

Unless HEA is a major priority then I’d say definitely do the CL 2 day!