Morning dining ( including snack stations) due to extra extra magic hours

If we’re going to rope drop at 6am or 7am we will probably be looking to at least have a snack around 9am or 10am. Does anyone have thoughts on WDW providing any additional breakfast type options for the early risers. I am trying to plan food breaks for early September.

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Are you asking what food options will be available in the parks around 9/10 a.m.? Or are you wondering about at the resorts? If memory serves, the resorts generally have at least one option open at 6 am, and even if you don’t get anything hot from the grills there are always several grab-and-go options (pastries, fruit, granola bars, etc.).

I’m wondering what options will be available in the parks. If we rope drop at 7am for MK we will need to be on the bus around 6am. If we rope drop HS at 6am (probably staying clear of star wars) we would need to be on the bus at 5am. I assume the places that serve coffee will open earlier than usual in the parks but am wondering if there are (will be) other options also.

When Pandora opened Satuli offered breakfast. I have no doubt that Disney will have food to sell to hungry guests :wink: