Morning Castle Picture with New Rope Drop

I had morning ADR for Crystal Palace at 8am, only to be able to take a castle picture of my family before the crowds are let in at 9am. However, I hear there’s a new rope drop, and everyone is allowed in 1 hour before opening, for a show at the castle. Is there any way for me to get in earlier than these crowds? I am staying at disney resort, so if there is a way with EMH, please do tell!

If that is true, and your reservation is for 8am, you’d still be allowed in before everyone else.

Everyone gets in at 7:45 for a 9am open. Just head straight to the castle and get your pic before going to breakfast. We had an 8am BOG for a 9am open last month and there was still plenty of chance to get a morning castle picture before heading to BOG. There will be multiple photopass photographers out, just head to the one closest to the castle and no one will be behind you.

Is this is a temporary or permanent change?

Not sure. It started last month, possibly due to security issues having so many people outside the gates. Seems to work fine.

I saw that it’s because of railroad refurb, but not sure if its a permanent change once the railroad is fixed.
Whats the point of EMH, if everyone gets in early now?

EMH lets you ride rides. The “everyone gets in now” just gets you into main street/stores/the hub early but doesn’t let you get past the hub to ride any rides early.

Thank you for explaining this, I was wondering what the difference was!