Morimoto Asia at Disney Springs

My ADR opened yesterday for mid-October trip and there are absolutely no dinner reservations times open for Morimoto Asia for our entire trip! I called Disney Dining and they were unable to find any times either. Seems odd 6 mos out…anyone else had that experience?

Sometimes restaurants don’t load their reservations at 180. Just keep checking.


Morimoto’s will also be available on Open Table but I don’t think it will open for a while.


Actually, you’re in luck. I did a spin through the Open Table app, and was able to choose times for Morimoto Asia as far out as October 13th, which is…180 days away.

I don’t know how large of a table you need, but for two I didn’t see any time that wasn’t available.


That is interesting, because when I look on Open Table it only shows availability up to 25 July.

I had such a hard time with OpenTable last weekend. I booked a late night ADR for August but it kept on coming up blank.

Thanks! I’ll keep checking the Disney site and Open Table to see what happens!

I booked an early September OpenTable no problem about a week ago, there was loads of availability

I just checked on my laptop and Moritimo and Boathouse are available on Open Table for September but they don’t show on the app. Nothing for Jaleo yet :anguished:.

I made a booking on 5 April for lunch at Jaleo on 4 May. Looks like they’ve only loaded reservations until 29 May at the moment… Can’t wait to try it!

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Jaleo is only accepting reservations six weeks out right now. I just reserved and immediately cancelled a table for two at Morimoto Asia at 7:00PM on October 13th, via the Open Table app. Your experience may vary; past performance is no guarantee of future results.

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