More than one fast pass?

When I get a touring plan, I notice it allows me to have more than one fast pass at a time. This isn’t correct, is it? I thought you could only have one fast pass on your ticket? Thanks!

You can have more than one. Certain attractions (Buzz Lightyear, Frozen Show, World of Color, etc) are “disconnected” and don’t affect your ability to get another FP.

If you have FP for “connected” attractions, you can still get another FP two hours after the first was issued. Say at 9:15 you get a FP for Space Mountain. At 11:15, you could get another FP for Indiana Jones even if your Space Mountain FP wasn’t valid until noon.

It will say at the bottom of each FP ticket exactly when you can get the next one.

Here’s an image that really shows what I’m talking about:

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I am an annual passholder (albeit a rather new one!) and I never knew this!! Thank you!!