"More than once" and "not worth it at all"

Which rides would you say are worth doing more than once during an trip and are there any that aren't worth doing at all? We're DH, myself, DD7 and DS4 on our first trip and I'm trying to plan for our FPP day and getting in a pickle, so would appreciate any advice you could give. Thank you

Don't do at all? Stitch. More than once? Pirates, HM, Splash, SSE, GMR, ToT, Everest, IMHO.

Thank you. I like the sound of those rides.

you been to WDW before?

Well, for our first trip, we decided as a family that we wanted to try as many things as possible once. That made building our Touring Plans easier. I just kept adding things until we had everything in there once. We only had 5 days though, so we didn't have much of a chance for repeats. One our last day (which was our second MK day) we let our boys decide what they wanted to repeat. They surprised me with their choices, and I ended up completely re-doing our FastPasses and Touring Plan for that last day. (I had no trouble doing this on my phone the night before.) DS10 chose Haunted Mansion and DS7 chose Big Thunder Mountain RR.

I know you have more days than we had, but I would suggest doing something similar to start. You could try to do everything that your family is even remotely interested in once before going back for repeats. You could schedule the ones that your family is less interested in later in each day. That way, if you run out of steam, nobody will feel like they missed anything important. Then, once you've done all the major/top attractions in every park, you can let the family build a day full of favorites towards the end of your trip.

We ended up skipping quite a few things just because we ran out of time, but I'm planning to do almost all of them when I visit solo in November. I just want to try everything once. I guess I'm not actually much help!


No, it will be our first time.

Everything is worth one ride. My opinion, anything you feel needs more examination is worth a re-reide. What I posted before is my re-examinations.

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I say try everything once if you can. Things I always do more than once are -

The mountains at MK, plus buzz lightyear & pirates (plus dumbo & magic carpets & barnstormer for little one)
RnR, TOT, toy story and star tours at HS
Soarin at Epcot (nemo for little one)
KS & EE at AK (plus triceratops spin for little one)


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More than once: Space, Splash, BTMRR, Philharmagic, RNRC, ToT(did it 13x in a row once), TSMM, Animation Academy, EE & FolK. Nothing at EP (imo) is worth riding more than once.


I agree with @MDU. I would just add on haunted mansion

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I agree with MDU but I will add Soarin to the list. It is the only attraction I love at EP, but I love EP ( world showcase is a place I need to visit more than once each trip).


You have little people in your group, so that makes a big difference. Are they even tall enough for some of the thrill rides? DS4 might be pretty freaked out be HM. ToT can scare anyone. I think your best bet is try everything and if they love it, try to ride again.

That said, CoP, HoP and the Show at the American Pavillion in Epcot might bore them.Don't miss CBJamboree. Underrated but fun for kids if you are all in the right mood.

Everybody says skip Stitch, but little boys like it, it seems. Let us know what you find works for your family!


OMG how did I forget HM?

Oh yes, I remember seeing your 13 times on Lines smile

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I'm quite glad that my son is already 40" tall so can go on most things really.

Thank you all for your answers. I know that things will probably change once we get there, but would like to take advantage of our 60 FPP window. As it's our first trip, I won't know what we will want to ride again until we get there and by then, may not be able to get a FPP. So all suggestions are gratefully received. Thanks everyone

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I don't think there is any ride or attraction you shouldn't do. Many people don't like Stitch but my daughter loves it ( can you say 5 times in one day loves it ). I would pick out everybody's must do's and concentrate on those first then move to classic rides and attractions. As far as FPP after deciding on must do's check out some touring plans for when and what to use FP on. Emily and I scheduled all of our FP at 9, 10, and 11 we arrived before rope drop rode our favorites between opening and 9:45 then would use first FP run to second at 10 then fit in rides until our last pre scheduled FP at 11. We could get lots done before it got really hot and crowded and was able to "wing" it from there.

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And remember to have FUN !!!
First trips are so awesome seeing the faces on your children's first trip is beyond amazing - memories that will last forever.


Thank you. I will have fun. Once we get there. Stress now, enjoy later is my current philosophy wink

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And I'm beyond excited already smile